Disbanded of KARA (카라)

Finally official statement came out of DSP Media on official disbanded girl group KARA. After some time ago came the news that at the beginning of the month Goo Hara, Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyuri looking for a new agency after their contracts run out, rumors were spread very quickly.

This day, DSP Media hold a Press Conference and gave a statement that the three are already not under the auspices of the DSP again. This decision was made on together and still get support from the DSP after at all.

Kara, had its debut until 9 years. Unfortunate to be in a situation like this is not. I feel so bad, even though not fans, but I also still enjoy their work. I think the best song of Kara is “Step, Pandora, Damaged Lady, Mammamia, Cupid”.




Meanwhile, the last a member Heo Yongji who just feel debut with Kara, now have to pursue a solo career. Good luck Yongji.


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