Alice : Boy from Wonderland (앨리스: 원더랜드에서 온 소년)

Yep! Finally after being stopped watching this movie, because it kind of felt a little foreign to the beginning of the story could be further watching until finished. Although interested because of Jonghyun and the  title “Alice Boy From Wonderland”. And it turns the genre of mystery, romance, drama, supernatural, and horror. I would want to  challenged to see how progress skill acting of  Jonghyun. Yes, although he is not a pure actor but not bad his ability. ❤

Alice: Boy from Wonderland was filmed Korean film writer and director of ‘Huh Eun-Hee’. This film is his latest work after his latest movie filmed in 2010, entitled ‘My Heart Beats’.

The film ‘Alice: Boy from Wonderland “itself, focusing on the story of Hye-Joong (Jung So-Min) who can not remember anything about him before the age of 4 years. Every night he experienced a terrible nightmare.

Then, he followed the advice of a shaman / paranormal to return to the villa where the family lived 24 years ago. Villa is now known as the “Wonderland.” There, he met a young man named Hwan (Hong Jong-Hyun), So-Ryun (Jung Yeon-Joo) and a white rabbit. During the next 15 days, Hye-Joong had to find something missing. If she succeeds then automatically nightmare that happened during this time will also be stopped.


Unexpected,  so many surprises in this movie apart from the story and the message was left. And I just found out that during this Jonghyun good at playing the guitar and could sing, though not as a pro but can still be heard in the ears. Had a beautiful smile, handsome, tall ideally fit as  model, multitalented, the most important thing was him humble and have a good personality and interesting to me. It was a perfect creation of God!



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