Miracle In Cell No. 7 (7번방의 선물)

I love watching films in my free time. It is my way of relieving stress and making the time fly. I have watched over hundreds of films both at home and theater and one of my favorites is a Korean film, “Miracle in Cell No.7” which came to big screen in 2012. The movie is based on a true story of a South Korean man who served 15 years in prison under false accusation. I sincerely appreciated the movie, “Miracle in Cell No.7” because there were both ups and downs in the storyline, actors and actresses in the movie portrayed emotions of their characters very professionally, and the message of the film helped me realize the world better.

The story starts with a middle-aged man with mental disorders living with his only family, an eight year old daughter. The two of them meant a lot to each other as they both loved each other more than any other in the world. Then, a disaster happened to this naïve family. The father was sentenced to death for being accused of murdering the daughter of the chief of the National Police Agency. Cell no.7 was the name of the cell that the main character was captivated in. He shares the cell no.7 with five other criminals whom he once thought to be immoral people without feelings, but the man realizes that they all had emotions, families, and stories. Desperate to reunite with his daughter, with the help of his cellmates, the man succeeds in bringing his daughter surreptitiously to the cell. However, the date for the execution of the man was not far away and he fails to invalidate his capital sentence. The overall ambience of the movie was actually quite pleasant except for the tragic ending. I was really impressed with the fact that it was not all high or low throughout the whole movie. It had a lot of funny moments and also did not fail to convey the misfortunate story of the father and the daughter.

Another reason that made this film so much enjoyable is the actors and actresses. Without doubt, the role of the two main characters, father and daughter, were crucial to the entire flow of the movie. I can guarantee that they did a fascinating job in making the story genuine. They were really immersed in the emotions of their characters. The quality of the acting from an eight year old girl, Gal So-won was unbelievable. I bet she will grow to be Korea’s one of the top actresses in few years. Ryu Seung-ryong who played the role of a man with intellectual disability enhanced the quality of the movie with his realistic acting. Ryu’s acting helped the audience better understand the emotions of a man who loved his daughter so much that he sacrificed his life for her. He once again proved that he was a character actor like he did in his previous works, War of the Arrows, Masquerade, All About My Life, and 7th Grade Civil Servant. Also, the other actors who played the roles of cellmates in cell no.7 did an amazing job of making the two main characters stand out. Good acting truly made this film a masterpiece.

Lastly, as with all movie productions, “Miracle in Cell No.7” also had messages that the director wanted the audience to realize after watching the movie. There actually were several, at least in my opinion. The first and the most obvious lesson was the unjust behavior of the authority which was the chief of National Police Agency in this case. Although it is acceptable for him to be extremely furious at the death of his daughter, he should not have killed an innocent victim, just to relieve his rage. The man did nothing wrong. Authority does not mean having the privilege to make any innocent man into a murderer. Being in a position as high as the chief of NPA, he should show more concern to keep his mind straight in fighting for justice of people. This movie revealed the paradox of authorities and their misuse of power on innocent citizens. Their power would not have existed in the first place without the support of these citizens that are being exploited by authorities. Another message was that there is nothing stronger or more sincere than love. Even though the man may have been mentally disabled, his affection for his daughter was honest. He genuinely loved his daughter and that was why he did not hesitate to take the death sentence for his beloved daughter. These kinds of messages made this film different from other entertainment movies that have no real meanings in them.

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is and will always be in my top 10 list for movies. The plot had ups and downs in it which made me be more interested in the story. The actors and actresses also helped me sympathize better with the emotions of the characters in the film. The director’s intention of creating this fabulous movie also made me understand the world better and I learned important life lessons. Have you seen this movie yet? If you did not, you should definitely go home and watch this tonight.

This is the official trailer of the movie, in case you would like to watch it.



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