Meet The In Laws 2

“Every child has a dream, they want to achieve with their own. Don’t ever underestimate and blocking their dreams”

Film Korea Meet the In-Laws 2 (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Chul-Soo (Hong Jong-Hyun) is the only son of a legendary thief family. He falls in love with Young-Hee (Jin Se-Yun) who is a police officer. Her family is also a police family. To get her parents’ permission to marry,  Chul-Soo undertakes an exam to become a police officer, but both families work to prevent their marriage.

Jonghyun in this movie didn’t have stand man, he was doing himself for action scenes, his be better. but, I think he can’t act as bad boy. Also, make me got goosebump if doing aegyo. I don’t like it. Please, never do it again Jonghyun.

This movie have a positive influence, not just comedy-romantic scenes. Although, this that was so simple but can make you laugh, cry, and smile after watch. Perhaps, not everyone liked it but I like it. Not just about Jonghyun, but it is more than that, in inside of the story is a meaningful in reality. You can learn about techonology and trick If you need it someday.

The first, which is not the main treasure. Moreover, it isn’t you get out of your own self, but from the parents. Second ,family is the number one whatever the conditions. If they make a mistake don’t just silent, but remind and make them better. Parents also  always there for child. Third, love will come suddenly. If you want to get it done in earnest. And the last,  as parents never embarrassed sailed from her, apologize if it has one, and most importantly don’t ever impose desire if it is not the child’s choice. Always support and give encouragement to the child, don’t just put pressure and have to do as parents.



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